Whether you prefer to indulge in the more traditional methods of capturing and developing photographs, embracing what the digital age has to offer, or simply enjoy looking at the visual beauty and artistry that the photographic world has to offer, this site has something for everybody.
From the novice photographer to the professionals I give advice on the latest digital cameras, printers, software and scanners and offer you the chance to input your own comments and opinions to share your knowledge with others. With regular reviews, news from the photography world and a section on the history of the camera I aim to provide an informative and useful resource that you can refer to time and time again.
I also offer the opportunity for photographers to gather together in a friendly meeting place to share their love of photography, exchange tips and to offer advice.
My blog captures my own experiences with photography, reminiscing back to my childhood with stories of my first camera, my first apprenticeship and leads on to the present day and how I have developed my passion for photography into a rewarding and creative hobby that I share with my family.
The gallery gives me a chance to show off my own photographic skills, with examples of my work but I also encourage you to share your own masterpieces so that we can inspire each other.
Photography is an art form, yet also captures moments in time and history for future generations to enjoy and to learn from. To be able to truly master taking a good photograph you must learn the technical skills and then develop them creatively to capture the effects and to reflect your personal style. I offer a directory of recommended training courses, which will enable you to gain these skills. For those who would prefer to be in front of the lens rather than behind the camera, I offer a listing of professional companies offering photographic services, as well as subject specific photographers; wedding, family, children, pregnancy etc. Please contact me if you are a professional photographer and feel that your services would be of benefit to be added to this listing.
Happy snapping!
David Charles